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Additional Services

While Peach Orchard Press does not publish books by outside authors, I do offer interior formatting services for ebooks and print.


Ebook Formatting

Imagine an ebook beautifully formatted such that at any font or tablet size, the text renders clearly with consistent margins. Uploading a .DOC file to KDP or Nook Press is not ideal because a one-size-fits-all algorithm is applied to the text, and it might not turn out as well as it would with custom formatting. With my formatting service, your ebook is formatted to one of my three formats, each rendering gorgeously on any ebook reader, tablet, or computer screen.

Paperback Formatting

It's easy to forget print books in the Electronic Age, but some folks still prefer to read a paper book. Formatting for print can be difficult if you don't own a desktop publishing program like Adobe InDesign or FrameMaker. With a quality tool like this, formatting for print becomes much easier, though it's still time-consuming. Use my print formatting services and receive an interior PDF that's ready to upload.